NO Cage Dryers!
    Pets observed at all times!
         Certified Pet First Aid and CPR!
               AKC Safety Certified Groomers!

                   Meet our vintage "Lady Gem"  


Follow the link above to the PPGSA Standards of Care, Safety and Sanitation to which we accept and use. Pet owners can be assured that we are following cutting edge standards for our industry including recognizing the need for  licensing to move into the future for pets in our care, owners and groomers.


Jackie and Jack just after that  special photo that will apperare in a future addition of Groomer to Groomer magazine
April 21, 2017 
Tacoma WA...Jackie Jeffries (my daughter) with Jack, a Kerry Blue Terrier takes 2nd place honers with her grooming!
Presentation to the Judge for award

Jackie is following in my footsteps as an award winning groomer!


Thanks for stopping by Pam's BubbleMobile Grooming for pets!  We know how hard it can be to leave your little guy or gal for many hours. That's why we come to you. As expert groomers we will take you step by step through the entire process and give you tips and pointers for the questions you may have. Both Cats and Dogs can enjoy an hour with us in a low stress setting!

Everyone likes to know that the person you entrust your special fur-baby with has the vocational training and expertise needed to give your pet that special touch with patient handling.
No cage dryers, your pet is observed at all times with us no more then an arm's length away for your pet's safety! YES we are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR!

2016... Both Jackie and I are AKC SAFETY-CERTIFIED GROOMERS

Hello, I'm Pam, I am an IPG Certified MASTER Groomer, with over 45 years of grooming experience and I am a Certified Companion Animal Hygienist and Certified Pet First Aid and CPR with the Red Cross.  During my grooming career I have instructed new groomers, authored newsletters for two State Groomers Associations, competed and won awards for my grooming, helped to put on several local grooming seminars and an industry Trade Show. I still attend trade shows learning                                           new tips/technology.  

House call grooming for SaraJaneHi there, I'm Jackie!  I've been grooming for 18 years, following in mom's footsteps.  I am an award winning groomer and Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. I attend trade shows and seminars to further my education in our industry. I am working on my Master Groomer Certification which I hope to have in the future.

email:  azocicat@gmail.com

Landline 360-630-5511 (message)
          Cell/text (Pam) 425-446-2410
                   Cell/text  (Jackie) 360-399-9494


Pearl and Ruby after grooming

" Doesn't your Pet deserve an IPG Certified MASTER Groomer , we do!?"
Ruby and Pearl from Edmonds, Wa

If you are like us, your pets are family members. When your pet needs grooming it's hard to take them in to a strange place and leave them for hours.  They are used to being at home in a low stress environment.  That's EXACTLY what we provide  with Pam's BubbleMobile Grooming.  We'll Bring the Salon to you! Most Pets take an hour or so and they know they are still at home because they can see out the huge windows! Once finished they come in the house Happy and Freshly Groomed!

AKC Safety-Certified Groomer logoWho is an AKC SAFETY CERTIFIED GROOMER? 
The American Kennel Club, INC. now certifies groomers to standards it sets forth which includes  8 hours of class room time, testing and application of such knowledge.  Both Pam and Jackie are AKC SAFETY CERTIFIED GROOMERS for your piece of mind and your pets safety. 

 Use an IPG Certified MASTER Groomer!  
 Did you know that the Pet Grooming Industry is NOT REGULATED ?  THAT'S RIGHT!  Not vocationally or safety regulated anywhere in the US.  There are  3 Grooming Associations Nationally that DO test for  Vocational knowledge and practical skills.  WE as groomers CHOOSE to be tested and pay for each written and skill test (there are 10) that must meet industry standards to achieve the title of "CERTIFIED MASTER GROOMER"

The BubbleMobile is a complete grooming shop on wheels.
Our Salon... 
The  BubbleMobile is a climate controlled full salon on wheels and comes to you! She is a  HYBRID-GREEN Machine with full Inverter powered technology for her on-board electrical systems (no noisy, stinky generator). Being a converted RV, she gives a flair of  "home away from home" for clients!
landline  360-630-5511 (message)
       cell / text (Pam) 425-446-2410
              cell / text (Jackie) 360-399-9494
Service area:  Serving Skagit and Snohomish counties in Washington state...

Monday thru Friday, Saturdays, Sundays....no Holidays.

                 ASIAN FUSION STYLING...
Buddy, a special needs puppy sporting his Asian Fusion styleFoster with is Asian Fusion style do!
Lilly her new Asian Fusion look with full bell bottoms legs for her grooming!

Bean showing off his Asian style Butterfly ears and full bell bottoms for his special groom!




Roxy with the Asian Fusion Shitake style!                                                                                          

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