Cookie at 4 months (Anacortes, WA) first groom

Service + Size = Groom Cost

 PRICING QUOTED BELOW IS ESTIMATE ONLY, without seeing your pet.... 12/2018

" I promise a safe, clean and low stress environment for all pets. " 
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"How much does it cost?"
A very good question.  Grooming fees are about the same as in a shop,  but there is a Mobile Service Fee that is added per pet which makes it seem more expensive (i.e. $50 shop fee + $35 mobile service fee = $85 mobile pricing). The advantage is that your pet(s) get to spend time in a quiet, low stress environment for their grooming usually insight of the house. They know they are still at home and that makes for a huge positive for the grooming process.


Service + Size = Cost

 "CASH" only starting 2018

**Service Selections for Dogs in good condition on a regular schedule of no more than 6 weeks  (see cats below) 
**Size chart below Cats...
**Tiny Bubbles 
 Bath and brush for every dog... Ideal for short and smooth hair.
STARTING AT: (includes Mobile service fee)
Petite: $50+          Small: $60+
Med:   $70+           Large: $80+
Ex Lg: $90+          Super:  $100+

**White Champagne Bubbles
Includes Tiny Tiny Bubbles, plus light trimming for face, feet and paw pads, fanny and tail.  Ideal for long flowing coats or coats of defined length or in-between regular grooming.

STARTING AT: (includes Mobile service fee)
Petite: $70+        Small: $80+
Med:   $90+         Large: $100+
Ex Lg: $110+       Super: $120+

**Pink Champagne Bubbles
includes Tiny Bubbles plus a full body haircut / makeover (shave or fluffy).
STARTING AT: (includes Mobile service fee)
Petite: $85+            Small: $95+
Med:   $105+           Large: $120+
Ex Lg: $135+          Super: $155+

Puuurry Bubbles (Cat grooming)
Cats are usually shaved or brushed out..
With a dry or wet-bath. 
Special Styling @ groomers option.

(Includes Mobile service fee)
Short Hair- Up to 1 inch......under 10 pounds:  $70 and up
                                               over 10 pounds:    $80 and up

Medium Hair- up to 2 inch...under 10 pounds:  $90 and up
                                                over 10 pounds:    $100 and up

Long Hair- over 3 inch ... under 10 pounds  $110 and up
                                                  over  10 pounds   $125 and up

ex large (i.e. Mainecoon size)    20 pounds and up $135 and up
Short hair or Long hair


Wild Bubbles
Pets that are unruly may have a handling fee added
Stinky Bubbles
 a special process for removing noxious odors that dogs like to roll in, from dead fish, deer musk to skunk 
Cost per application $25 (sometimes more than one application is needed to remove the odor)
Chardonay sipping (add-ons)
can be added to any of the services above
Add-on Services $20  (15 minute intravals)
* Shed-less removes 60%-80% of Dead coat
* De-matting or heavy Brush-out to save existing coat as in ears and tail of a pet that needed a full body shave or dematting a full coat.
* Hand Stripping or Hand Scissoring
* Tooth Brushing (not for cats)


**What Size is your Dog?
to give you an idea of size take a look at these pets
Tiny Yorkie in full coat after her groomingTiny  Chihuahuas in Pam's BubbleMobile after grooming 
Petite:  can be easily carried in one of those cute shoulder bags all day,
(up to about 8 pounds)

Poms and Maltese from the same home enjoy Pams BubbleMobile Grooming together
Shih Tzu dog in Pam's BubbleMobile GroomingSmall: Can be carried here and there, but not all day, and won't fit in one of the cute shoulder bags.
(about 8 to 15 pounds)

Toby the Westi in Pam's BubbleMobile Grooming rig
Medium:Can be picked up and put on a table, but too big to carry for long, likes to be a "lap-dog" but just a little too big.
 (about 15 to 25 pounds)
Coco in Pam's BubbleMobile Grooming at her own home
Dazzle the Poodle dogSpecial breed dog
Large: Can't be picked up easily, takes up the other half of the love seat when you watch TV.
(about 25-45 pounds)
Poodle dog on the table in Pam's BubbleMobile GroomingBubble bath in Pam's BubbleMobile Grooming
Ex. Lg: Stands on the floor with head in your lap, but you can't see the TV if the dog is IN your lap.
(about 50 to 65 pounds)
Dogs get hearing protection while drying
Special  needs Dogs
Super Sized:  They are the coffee table or footstool while you are watching TV (groomer's option)
(over 65 pounds) 
There is one size bigger, but some are too big for the BubbleMobile... Saint Bernard, Newfy, Grt. Pyr, etc.   Groomers option for service and price.

Landline (message).... 360-630-5511 
                Cell/txt (Pam) 425-446-2410  
                       Cell/txt (Jackie) 360-399-9494
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