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AKC Certified Safety Groomer
Trade Show Time Again
Dog Days of Summer
How short is SHORT?
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AKC Certified Safety Groomer

What is that?  What does that mean?  The American Kennel Club, INC is  now  working with the Pet Grooming Industry to set guidelines for the safety of  your pet in the grooming shop.  This is strictly voluntary on the part of the groomer and salon, but it may well be  the beginning   of  something bigger.  

Since the Grooming Industry has NO and I repeat NO VOCATIONAL  licensing required to become a groomer, anyone  with a business license, a pair of clippers and shears  can groom dogs.

Trade Show Time Again

It's that time of the year again here in the PNW, the weather is trying to be more sunny, less gloomy,cloudy and wet which signals Trade Show Season for us.  Even though one can travel to any number of shows nationally here in WA we only have the NW Show in Tacoma in April. This is our chance to see what is new in the industry, new equipment, new ideas and plenty of seminars with nationally known speakers for continuing education. CPR certification, behavior seminars both Feline and Canine.

Dog Days of Summer

August 2015 can surly be counted as the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER,  heat and low humidity, dead dry grass, underbrush that is just too dry. There is no cooling off for our puppies or kitties that are outside during the day in normal cool shady areas while pet parents are at work.  Make sure your pet has plenty of water outside or inside.  Pets that live in non-air conditioned homes can suffer just as much as those that are outside. Fans can help circulate the air, floor fans are great for your pets to lay in front of, but only if they are secured and the pet can't tip it over.   Freeze water in non-breakable bowls to leave out for the day, they take longer to melt and stay cold  longer. Your pet will have no trouble licking a frozen treat. Check your pets when you get home make sure they are alright while weathering these  HOT Dog Days of Summer.

How short is SHORT?

The question is just how short is SHORT? This summer  has been blistering hot for us here in the PNW, and many pet owners want their pets short when asked by their groomer.  But  that can mean a variety of things to a groomer, and short on one dog may not be the same as the next dog. Coat that is stand up fluffy like a Poodle or Bichon, is going to be very different from a flat or smooth coat such as a Shih Tzu or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

As a pet owner you need to be up on groomer-speak as to how much coat you want left when the pet is finished.

Summer time Itching!

Oh my gosh!  It's hot out, sunshine abounds and for us in the Pacific Northwest that's a treat!  But that thump, thump, thump does get to you after a while.  Morning, noon and night!  Your pet scratching, biting, chewing, sliding on the carpet, rubbing on anything including you!  It's probably the summertime itchies!  Yes, it could be fleas, but it could also be from sunburn, and dry skin.  We do think to moisturize our pets skin in winter when our homes have more heat in them, but moisturizing in summer is just as important.

The One Hour Groom

That's right!  Most small to medium dogs take just about an hour  to bathe, dry and clip the hair.  So why does it take 4, 5 sometimes 8 hours for your dog to be ready for pick up at a shop?

Because of the high volume of pets at most shops.  Many shops take in dogs as several appointments every hour, where they can rough, bathe, dry  and then finish when the next group of pets come in as they sit under dryers. By doing this most shops can have your pet out in about 4 hours if they hurry.

Tulips are a Bloomin' and Dogs need a Groomin'!

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Sring Is On The Way....

Spring is on the way, daffodils and tulips are sprouting and with spring comes that winter change over of coat. Shedding is enivetable, with shedding come matting unless you are very diligent at brushing.  but when it rains, we tend to be less attentive to wet hair and that can cause matting too. 
It's not the heat  of warming days that triggers a coat to "blow" or shed (change from  winter to summer coat) it's the amount of light.  when we have more sunny days than overcast days, that is what trigger that coat to "blow".

Winter Time Grooming ?

 Should my pet be groomed during the winter?  The answer to that question is YES!  Even if it is just a good bath and brush out.  Keeping that natural winter coat that your dog has keeps him warm in col and wet environments.  Harsh coat that is coated with natural oils can keep your dog dry and warm even in the worst weather.  His outter coat may be wet, but deep down to the skin, he's dry.  Arctic breeds curl up in the snow and are toasty warm, due to their doulbe coat.
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